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Corn processing equipment

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Corn processing equipment is a good helper for people to eat coarse grains and improve their lives! Corn processing equipment can process corn into corn flour, corn flour, corn grits, corn ballast and other grains, realizing people's desire to eat coarse grains carefully!

The FW type corn processing equipment produced by Lucao High-tech is ideal equipment for urban and rural, individual, large-scale food factories, and corn processing plants. At the same time, this set of corn processing equipment can produce corn grits, corn flour, corn husks, etc. of different particle sizes. The FT-type corn processing equipment produced is cheap and stable in quality, and has been well received by users. The equipment has a high production rate, good quality, fresh taste, and pure taste, so that people can eat at ease. It is an improvement in the urban people’s coarse grains. The best food for life. The machine produced by the company has won the national famous products and reliable quality products many times, and has won the trust of consumers.


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