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The effect of material quality on flour machinery and equipment

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The quality of materials has a great influence on the production of flour machinery and equipment. For flour machinery and equipment, with the increase of manufacturers, more and more models and functions appear in daily production. However, many users also find that flour machinery and equipment made of different materials are also used when they are used. Many differences also have a great impact on production quality. Let's take a closer look today!

The material refers to all the parts and materials related to the rolling distance on the flour machinery and equipment, and its strength and rigidity must be guaranteed. Especially toughness is the amount of deformation of parts under stress. The grinding effect must be stable, the rigidity of key parts must be ensured, and the amount of deformation must be small, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure a good grinding effect.

The materials of some parts are basically divided into three categories: the first category is castings, that is, gray iron castings; the second category is steel castings; the third category is rod and shaft parts. In terms of weight, these parts do not account for a large proportion of the entire flour machinery, but they are very important for flour machinery and equipment. Therefore, in terms of material selection, we like good ones instead of bad ones, and high ones instead of low ones.

For example, the particles of flour are directly related to the number of teeth on the drum. The more teeth, the finer the processed flour. The fewer teeth, the coarser the processed flour. However, semolina has a strong wheat flavor, just to make the color of the pasta not very attractive, slightly yellow or gray. It is not dirt. It is the carotenoid in malt.

In addition, the processing speed of flour machinery and equipment also has a certain impact on the quality of flour. The lower the speed, the less easily the nutrients will be destroyed and the more nutritious the flour. 


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