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How to solve the noise of the flour machine

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1. The windshield of the flour mill makes an abnormal noise, which has a lot to do with the compliance of the windshield. The reason is that the welding point is rough during the processing of the flour machine, and the edge of the windshield is inconsistent. The assembly is often connected to the end of the rotor. Caused by friction.

2. Electromagnetic sound. Divided into two kinds of high frequency and low frequency. Kenneng is caused by poor conformity of the skew degree of the shaft iron core position, poor iron core bore, and inconsistent rotor outer diameter machining. Usually, the replacement of the rotor is used to eliminate and solve this type of problem.

3. The electric motor makes a heavy, high, low and heavy sound. The reasons may be:

1. The air gap between the stator and the rotor is not uniform. At this time, the sound fluctuates and the interval between high and low frequencies does not change. This is caused by the fact that the stator and the rotor are not concentric due to bearing wear.

2. The three-phase current is unbalanced. This is because the three-phase windings are grounded incorrectly, short-circuited, or poorly contacted. If the sound is dull, it means that the motor is seriously overloaded or running without phase.

3. The iron core is loose. When the motor is running, the iron core fixing bolts are loosened due to vibration, which causes the iron core silicon steel sheet to loosen, causing noise.

4. If there is an uneven collision sound, it may be caused by the impact of the fan blade against the fan cover.



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