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Joins Us

With the developing of company, Lucao would like to provide high quality platform for the employees, implement scientific management mode, pay attention to mining and play employees' personal potential, pursuit win-win interests of employee and company's, make efforts to create a first-class team with passion, aggressiveness, pioneering spirit and harmonious upward.

Employment mechanism:We use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones.
Employment ideality:
With both talent and virtue, promote to use
With virtue, no talent, train to use
With talent, no virtue, limit to use
No talent, no virtue, firm no use

We'd like to invite those who are willing to engage in food grain processing industrial to join us sincerely, we will provide you the competitive salary and comprehensive welfare.

Sales engineer 3 people

Marketing sales 3 persons:
Job description/responsibility:
1. To complete daily jobs assigned by company, and handle and solve the responsible tasks independently.
2. To develop customers, look for potential customers, achieve sales target.
3. To sign sales contract, guide, coordinate and audit the records and accounts related to sales service, and well communicate with production.
4. From the perspective of sales and customer needs,provide guidance to sales strategy.
5. Love food grain machinery industry and sales jobs, with a certain compressive ability, good at challenge to difficulties

Job Qualification:
1. With college or above college degree, marketing or related majors
2. With 3 years or morn than 3 years working experience in sales, those with sales experience are preferred.
3. With strong communication skills, team coordination ability and team management ability, for the sake of customers; work smoothly with the combination of company policy.
4. With strong dedication to work, due to busy business, maybe there is need to work overtime.
5. With excellent professional ethics and personality, don’t damage the interests of customers and companies.

Foreign trade sales engineer 2 people

Sales of International trade department 2 persons:
Job description/responsibility:
1. Through Global Source, Google, Made-in-China, Alibaba and other B2B trade platform, and exhibitions provided by company to promote products and conclude the transaction.
2. Responsible for overseas market development and maintenance, and daily contact with overseas customers, handle customers’ enquiries, and quote for customers.

Job Qualification:
1. With English level CET 4, or above, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, etc.
2. With strong interest in international trade, aspiring to achieve their own value through continuous efforts.
3. With positive and optimistic, serious and responsible attitude, good at communicating, coordinating and executing, have a strong team spirit, and would like to grow up with the company, with a certain compressive ability
4.  Familiar with all kinds of B2B e-commerce platform and the search engine's operation, familiar with belt conveyor industry is preferred

Technical engineer 2 people

Job description/responsibility:
1. To manage and guide the Technology department
2. To design products and select the component
3. Participate in product manufacturing, debugging and producing
4. To solve the technical problems in the process of production
5. To write the related technical documents
6. Responsible for supplier selection and technical guidance
7.  Work carefully and seriously, with good team cooperation spirit and communication skills

Job Qualification:
1. With the corresponding engineering management knowledge, familiar with machinery production process.
2. With more than 3 years working experience in mechanical design, have a certain management experience.
3. Familiar with mechanical processing industry, have the ability to select the suitable suppliers.
4. Skilled at Solid works, AutoCAD software and three dimensional figure and engineering design.
5. Familiar with machine processing technology, mechanical assembly process, and mechanical parts drawing, good at office software operation.
6. Fluent to communicate with foreign technicians independently, and can give foreign customers technical support and guidance.
7. Degree required: Full-time bachelor degree or above
Gender: Male
Language: English level CET-6 or above, fluent in speaking English
Major: Mechanical or related majors
Age: No limit
Working experience: More than 3 years

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