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How to use corn ?

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The basic products of corn processing are granular corn mash, corn flour or corn starch, and the by-products are corn germ and corn husk. It has a wide range of uses and can be used as food, feed, and industrial.

Starch produced from corn flour is widely used in textile, paper, food and other industrial sectors. Use low-fat corn flour as an auxiliary material to brew beer, make alcohol, etc ; corn germ can be used for pharmaceuticals; defatted corn flour can be used as a nutritional fortifier; special corn flour made by separating all or part of fat and protein, can produce noodles , Baby instant food, artificial milk powder, etc. Defatted corn flour can be used to make corn flakes and a variety of puffed foods.

Now the commonly used machine is "Chinese King of Corn Peeling and Peeling". The processes of peeling, degerming, removing the roots, removing the black umbilicus, polishing, and grading are completed at one time.




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