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Why is the speed of the corn grits making machine too slow?

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The current corn grits making machines are all electric. Compared with the previous manual operation, the efficiency is much higher. It is mainly driven by the motor. The texture of corn is relatively hard, so the configured motors are very particular. The rotation speed of the grits machine equipment is too slow in the production, which may have the following reasons:

First, the working voltage is relatively low. Under such conditions, the motor’s speed ratio will decrease under the condition that it cannot bear it. People need to look at the switching power supply, from the watt-hour meter to the motor, whether the distance is too long, or Whether the cable between people's watt-hour meter and motor is relatively thin, generally speaking, corn grits machine equipment belongs to high-power, and if the power is high, the power plug is required to exceed 4 square meters of cable. This is the key reference, all of which must be transported by dedicated lines. It is no different than light bulbs and other household appliances with small output power, which must have short distances and thicker cables.

2. The reason for the slow speed is that the corn is not clean. Because the mouth of the corn grits making machine is very small and not smooth, the principle of the corn grits making machine is that the raw materials go through the feeding spiral and are extruded. Going out, if there is gas in the middle, the actual effect is undoubtedly not very good. Needless to say, and the speed is still slow, so we need to check whether people's raw food is clean and tidy. If it is not good, the selection machine is clean Just started production.

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