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The peeling process is an important part of the production process

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Corn flour processing machinery is to remove impurities, adjust moisture, husk, peel or grind raw materials and process them into edible and different quality standards of food. Peeling process is one of the links in the work of corn flour processing machinery, peeling machine is an important supporting equipment in corn flour processing machinery, has a pivotal position! If there is an abnormality in the peeling machine, it will have a serious impact on the entire production process, resulting in poor quality and low productivity of the processed corn products. Then the usual operation requires us to understand the corn flour processing machinery in the peeling machine is prone to abnormalities, and then the correct operation, to pay attention to.

  1, adjust the distance between the machine pressure piece and sieve piece, so that the distance can not be less than the horizontal diameter of corn, nor greater than the vertical diameter of corn, otherwise it will be easy to increase the loss and reduce product quality.

  2, into and out of the gate with the knife. Usually, the gate opening should try to keep in half of the whole opening, while the export side should do a good job with, pay attention to the operation of the export pressure valve, the finished product under the export, check the effect of peeling.

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