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Replacement of bearings to do what to ensure normal operation

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Corn processing equipment after a long time of use, some important parts of the working condition is inevitably affected, at this time, the maintenance work is extremely important, especially the maintenance of machine bearings. In order to ensure that corn processing equipment in the production of more safe and efficient operation, in the case of having to replace the bearings, need to pay attention to the following two points.    

  1, before installing new bearings for corn processing complete sets of equipment, you must do a good job of cleaning the bearings as well as the bearing box.

  2, the bearings will be placed in 70 ~ 80 ℃ oil for heating, and then installed, remember to never be able to force the installation, to avoid damage to the bearings.

  3, after the installation is completed, remember to add the appropriate and appropriate amount of lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of corn processing equipment.

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