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Polishing improves storage properties of corn grits

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Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action, so that the surface roughness of the workpiece to reduce, in order to obtain a bright, flat surface processing methods. Is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media on the surface of the workpiece for the finishing process. Similarly, the role of the polishing machine in the corn processing equipment is mainly the use of polishing tools will be attached to the surface of the corn powder material to modify the processing in order to obtain more bright and shiny corn products.

  Polishing equipment is the key equipment of corn processing equipment, mainly consists of atomization device, feeding device, polishing room, wind spray system and rack and other parts. The polishing roller is a cast iron roller with convex rib, which has strong friction effect. The main shaft is a hollow shaft, the end of the shaft is connected with the outlet of the spray fan, and the high-pressure air sprayed by the fan enters the polishing room through the hollow shaft for polishing. The discharge device adopts the form of pressure gate structure, and the polishing pressure in the machine can be controlled by adjusting the pressure gate to control the degree of corn polishing.

  Corn processing equipment in the peeling and polishing machine so-called polishing is essentially a wet method of polishing rice, will meet a certain precision of corn grits by water, water spray wetting, sent to the polishing room, at a certain temperature under the surface of the corn grits of starch gelatinization, so that the grits of corn crystal clean, not adhering to the chaff powder, so as to improve the storage performance of the grits of corn and improve its commercial value.

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