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Operators should familiarize themselves with each system screen

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In the production of corn processing machinery, always because of the impact of various factors lead to production is hindered, affecting normal production, so before production, the user needs to be prepared to take some effective measures to protect the quality of corn processing machinery production, as follows:         

  1, strict selection and procurement of parts, elements, devices must be tested, accepted, even if the general fastening should be sampling test.

  2, modernization of equipment for manufacturing. Corn processing machinery must be updated when the accuracy is reduced to below the specified standard, and update as much as possible to increase the number of CNC machine tools.

  3, to ensure that the details of corn processing machinery in the initial processing, should be in a high humidity environment to ensure that the basic performance of corn to achieve long-term moisturizing effect.

  4, precision casting, casting weight, dimensional parameters and tolerances and surface properties must meet the design requirements to get high quality castings at low processing costs.

  5, combined with the grits making process of corn processing machinery and its characteristics, the situation of the system setup and the role of each system, the personnel are required to be familiar with the grits making technical parameters of the equipment and each system of the sieve mesh, so as to do a good job in the operation of the cooperation.

  6、Modernization of sheet metal work. The use of plasma and laser cutting, CNC bending, gas-shielded welding, the key welds should be on-site flaw detection.

  7、Strengthen the heat treatment requirements of key components to increase strength and durability performance.

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