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Points to note when testing corn processing equipment

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In the production process of corn processing equipment, there will always be some parts of the cause of the processing effect is not ideal, so before production, many staff will test the corn processing equipment, timely adjustment of the parameters of the components, and replacement of severe wear and tear of the components. At the same time, in order to avoid the above situation, there are two other points need staff attention:

1, the adjustment of the sieve blade: its distance can not be smaller than the transverse diameter of the corn, nor larger than the longitudinal diameter of the corn, otherwise it is easy to increase the loss and reduce the quality.

2, the cooperation of the inlet and outlet gate knives. Usually, the opening of the inlet gate knife should try to keep half of the whole opening, while the export side should be well coordinated, pay attention to the operation of the pressure valve of the export, and connect the finished product under the export to check the effect of peeling.

In addition, in the process of corn processing equipment processing should always pay attention to the relevant aspects including food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and so on. So that the normal operation of the production line, ** hygiene, energy saving and easy maintenance, to ensure that the production line of the whole machine advanced, rational and reliable.

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