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Degermination is an important process to separate the embryo from the endosperm

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Corn peeling and de-embryo two links, can you know its operating principle and operating requirements, and in the corn processing link peeling and de-embryo is an important step, it is necessary to understand these.

  Corn shucking is to remove the skin layer on the surface of corn, which is the basic process to ensure the quality of the product and to improve the embryo. Corn embryo and corn endosperm are wrapped by the embryonic layer, peeling is conducive to the separation of embryo and endosperm, which can improve the efficiency of the de-embryo; most of the skin layer of corn kernels will be removed, so that the production of corn grits does not stick to the skin, product quality has been improved, after peeling and grinding, is conducive to improving the purity of the product.

  The purpose of corn flour milling machinery de-embryo and broken grits is to use mechanical force to destroy the structure of corn, change the shape and size of its particles, so that it meets the requirements of the process and finished products. De-embryo and broken grits is an important process of embryo and endosperm separation, because in the process of peeling, only part of the embryo and endosperm separation, most of them are still combined together, after de-embryo, broken grits can make the embryo progress to fall off.

  Corn should be divided into 4-6 flaps after crushing by corn flour milling machinery, and the grain shape should be neat. Secondly, in the mixture after crushing, minimize the whole grain and the large broken grain close to the whole grain, and reduce the number of powder and small grits. The requirements for de-embryoing are that the de-embryoing efficiency is high, and the embryo should be kept intact and not excessively damaged.

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