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Adjustment of screen thickness taking into account the material

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Corn flour milling machinery in the cleaning process can not do imperfect, or cleaning equipment improper operation is an important factor affecting the quality of products, corn millers through the improvement of the production process and operating means, can improve the processing process, to improve the quality of flour.        

  (1) Selection of products: corn flour milling machinery based on the quality characteristics of various types of corn, experimental data based on the establishment of corn quality database. According to the product requirements, based on the principle of complementary characteristics of reasonable choice of corn varieties for selection.

  (2) clean up: we should often check the dust removal wind network, to prevent the accumulation of dust for a long time pipeline clogging, the new clean-up process pays more attention to the selection and corn surface cleaning, color sorter combined use to further clean up the surface impurities, wheat hair.

  (3) Powdering operation: pay attention to light grinding, fine grinding, low-temperature production, pay attention to checking the grinding efficiency of the heart mill, to ensure that the heart mill to take the rate of powder, to avoid the phenomenon of good powder after the push.

  (4) Product structure adjustment: according to the change of corn flour, do a good quality analysis. According to these data and product characteristics, calculate the matching program of powder pipe.

  (5) Sieve configuration: the flour sieve can be adjusted according to the state of the corn flour milling machinery material to avoid affecting the flour ash. The adjustment of the thickness of the sieve mesh should take into account the adjustment of the product structure and be reasonable.

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