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What you need to achieve with moisture regulation

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When corn grits processing equipment produces products, it is necessary to peel the original grain. In order to make the peeling easier, better peeling effect, the processing of raw grains need to be moisture adjustment, then grits processing equipment moisture adjustment links need to achieve what kind of effect, in order to improve the process effect?           

  Corn grits processing equipment for raw grain moisture adjustment is to increase the moisture of raw grain cortex and embryo, to achieve softening of raw materials to enhance the toughness, elasticity, reduce the damage to the embryo in the process of peeling and de-embryo, improve the efficiency of peeling and de-embryo role, the process needs to be controlled to the endosperm endosperm internal infiltration, which is an indispensable process for processing maize products.

  Moisture regulation link should ensure that: ① raw materials are more suitable for the processing of moisture for 16% to 17%, when the moisture does not meet the requirements of the need for water vapor regulation. ② water after the raw materials need to enter the grain silo for wetting, so that water evenly penetrate the skin and embryo. As for the time to grasp the words should not be too long nor too short will affect the effect of peeling, generally it is wetting time for 8 minutes to 10 minutes or so, if it is more hard grain, wetting time can be appropriately lengthened.

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