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What are the main factors affecting the quality of corn mill body?

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There are many manufacturers of corn milling machine, the size of the scale is also a lot of people in order to reduce the price, increase profits, cut corners in the manufacture, resulting in the body of the bad quality, the next we will say what factors will affect the quality of the body of the corn milling machine.

  1, the factors affecting the quality of corn milling machine is the use of good and bad production materials. Production materials determine the strength and hardness of its body and the use of the period, generally speaking the use of production materials are stainless steel, its raw materials determine its strength, this strength is the processing technology can not be decided, this is the performance of the material itself, only with the factors in the processing of materials.

  2, another important factor affecting the quality of corn milling machine is the processing technology. For example, the welding process, design principles, processing procedures, etc., these are directly related to the quality, such as welding quality is not good, it will be easy to cause open welding, in this case, it can not run normally.

  3, affecting the quality of corn milling machine also includes the quality of its supporting machinery. Let's say the choice of motor and so on, the quality of the motor is good or bad, determines whether it can run normally, and how to run the state of the problem.

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