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Keeping production materials dry ensures longevity

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Corn as the main raw material of corn milling machine equipment, the moisture content of the original grain has a great impact on the energy consumption of the equipment, so it is necessary to keep the original grain dry, because high moisture content will affect the quality of the product, and it will affect the service life of the equipment;.          

  Before running, the equipment should be run on a trial basis, the trial run is good, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment parts before starting normal processing operations.

  Processing to keep the raw materials clean, to avoid impurities mixed into the corn milling machine equipment to cause wear and tear.

  Corn milling machine equipment in the work, keep in mind the jade operating methods, carefully implemented to avoid the work process because of misuse of various problems.

  Do not forget to clean and check the equipment after the work is completed, to ensure that the parts are not damaged in the work, no remaining material to put the accumulation of equipment inside.

  Good maintenance can give full play to the production performance, to ensure the service life, reduce the user's production costs, improve economic efficiency.

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