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Corn grits processing equipment to improve the structure of pulverizer

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The main role of the crushing system of corn grits processing equipment is to crush the original grain, make it easier to process, and ensure the fineness and quality of the product. Due to the influence of many factors, the current corn grits processing equipment used in the crusher there are still some shortcomings, enterprises want to ensure the effect and efficiency of crushing, so that the original crushing work easier and more controllable, but also in the following aspects of in-depth research.    

  1, the study of different varieties of corn raw materials crushed particle size, to ensure reasonable crushing particle size, and save crushing costs.

  2, research and development of corn grits processing equipment hammer mill, hammer mill structure optimization, hammer screen gap can be adjusted online. At the same time, develop some special pulverizer.

  3、Further improve the quality of hammer and sieve, reduce the consumption rate of hammer and sieve per unit of output, prolong its service life, reduce the impact of wear parts on the cost of crushing.

  4、Improve the structure of corn grits processing equipment crusher and reasonable configuration of the crushing process system, in order to obtain good operating results.

  5、Further improve the operational efficiency of the crushing system, and at the same time, research on matching equipment and operating parameters with the crusher.

  6, improve the grits processing equipment processing precision and assembly precision, optimization from the structure, reduce the noise of the crusher.

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