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Points of attention for dismantling corn processing equipment sets

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In the daily use of corn processing equipment, there are many times need to dismantle the equipment in order to achieve the purpose, such as equipment internal cleanup, replacement of parts and maintenance of some faults, etc., but how to complete the task of rapid dismantling of complete sets of corn processing equipment?

1, clean up the surface of the corn processing equipment before disassembly of soil and oil, followed by the disassembly process should always keep the equipment clean.

2, with the appropriate tools to carry out demolition, light demolition and slow unloading, do not damage the parts. Observe the principle, not blindly, can not be demolished, do not demolish, in accordance with the structure of the equipment and the order of disassembly, from the whole machine to the sub-parts, and then from the sub-parts to the parts.

3, dismantled corn processing equipment parts well marked to ensure that not lost, can be installed in accordance with the correct order. The dismantled parts are classified and stored according to the nature of the material and the precision of the parts.

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