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What are the principles on which different impurities are cleared

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In addition to impurity is an important part of the process of corn flour processing machinery, in addition to impurity is the purpose of the original grain in addition to corn in addition to a variety of impurities are cleaned up to ensure the purity of the product and the quality of flour. Then corn flour processing machinery in addition to impurities is based on what principle, how can the different nature of the impurities are clean?

  1, the use of corn and impurity particle size difference

  Mainly based on the difference between the width, thickness, length and shape of the wheat grain and impurities. Cornmeal processing machinery with certain specifications of the sieve screen, using the screening method to remove large and small impurities in corn, the equipment used is usually a vibrating screen and plane rotary sieve and so on.

  2, the use of corn and impurity particle shape difference

  Sorting by particle shape difference, is the use of oblique or spiral surface, so that spherical particles of impurities in the movement of the movement speed is different from the wheat grains for separation. Corn flour processing machinery according to the length and shape difference sorting method is called selection method, commonly used selection equipment has spiral selection machine, drum selection machine, disk drum combination selection machine.

  3, the use of corn and impurity suspension speed and weight difference

  According to the weight difference between the original grain and impurities, the air selection of the suspension speed is different, the use of suction and vibration grading to remove the light and heavy corn. Often use gravity grading de-stoning machine, suction de-stoning machine.

  4, the use of corn and impurities of the magnetic difference

  Corn is a non-magnetic material, and iron, cobalt, nickel and other metals are permeable impurities, in the magnetic field is magnetized, and the magnetic field of the anisotropic magnetic poles are attracted. Therefore, when the corn through the magnetic field when the magnetic impurities will be separated, this method is called magnetic separation method.

  5, the use of corn and impurity strength difference

  According to the surface strength of the wheat grain and impurities, the use of equipment with percussion friction, the strength of lower than the corn side-by-side impurities broken, while cleaning up the surface of the corn adhesion class impurities.

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