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Filtering of dust content in production using a dust extraction system

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Dust is a solid particulate matter that can be suspended in the air for a long time, and it is also the main hazardous material that pollutes the environment and reduces the quality of the product in the corn processing plant. Corn grain in the process of conveying, cleaning, grinding or impact, packaging and other processes there will always be dust, a serious threat to the production quality of corn milling equipment and workers' health, so the control of dust and processing is as important. 

  In the corn processing plant, usually use the ventilation and dust removal system to control the dust generated during the production of corn milling equipment. The dust removal system they commonly use is mainly composed of four major parts: suction hood, ventilation duct, dust collector and fan. Among them, the dust collector mainly separates and collects the dust in the dusty air conveyed in the pipeline, which is an important equipment in the dust removal system, and after its treatment, the dusty air can meet the emission requirements, which is helpful to ensure the production quality of the corn milling machine equipment.

  In the design of the dust collector, we should improve the airtightness and internal dusty air treatment, and do a good job of filtration, so as not to spread the dust into the air, which affects the purity of corn products. In addition to the design of the dust collector should focus on various parameters and characteristics of the equipment, but also focus on the ash collection link. The ash collection device is the dirtier part of the corn processing plant, and must avoid secondary dust. Only by carefully understanding the working principle of the dust collector can it be operated and managed correctly to effectively reduce the impact of dust and improve the processing quality.

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