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Reduce economic losses by using materials with good wear resistance

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Corn milling machinery is an important equipment used to produce corn, which has a complex composition with many related auxiliary equipment. Although its use is known to everyone, but the actual understanding of the people is relatively small. It has many good functions, today Henan established machinery will give you a detailed introduction.            

  1, corn milling machinery can adjust the fineness of the product according to the user's needs, and the fineness is uniform, do not need to go through the screening machine again.

  2, the equipment is easy to break the parts are generally used in wear-resistant materials or hard alloys, wear-resistant performance is good, and the price is low, do not have to worry about the economic losses caused by the replacement.

  3, clear material and anti-clogging function can ensure that the flour milling unit can operate normally, in the case of no stopping can automatically clean and crush all kinds of materials, and mixed evenly into a powder without residue, do not need to be crushed many times.

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