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Corn ballast processing equipment main use machine

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Corn ballast processing equipment processing process of grits and embryo selection is to separate the embryo, grits two kinds of materials, at the same time according to the grits particle size classification, and to ensure the purity of the grits and the efficiency of the embryo selection. It is mainly based on the differences in the suspension speed, density and geometry of grits and embryo to separate. The main equipment used in its processing are flat sieve and gravity type embryo selector.

  The role of the flat sieve is the preliminary classification of the products in the process, for the grits, embryo selection, powder grinding preparation. Flat sieve with coarse sieve, powder sieve, grading sieve three kinds of sieve surface, the sieve material is divided into four or five categories. Coarse sieve screen for large broken, re-sent back to the broken grits de-embryo machine processing, grading sieve screen for embryo, grits mixture, into the next process of grits selection of embryo, powder sieve screen for coarse grains, into the mill grinding, powder sieve sieve for the powder, depending on the quality of the good and bad, to do the finished product or feed.

  Corn ballast processing equipment gravity embryo machine structure and working principle similar to the gravity classifier for wheat. Because the suspension speed of corn embryo is lower than that of wheat, so the air volume of the embryo selector is lower, and the processing flow rate is lower.

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