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According to the roller forging material can be divided into three types

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The main working part of the corn peeling equipment is the roller. According to the different materials used to manufacture the rollers, the rollers are divided into three types: iron rollers, sand rollers and sand-iron combined rollers.

  According to the installation form of roller shaft, corn peeling equipment is divided into vertical peeling machine and horizontal peeling machine. Vertical peeling machine mostly adopts sand roller and iron roller, horizontal peeling machine adopts sand roller, iron roller and sand-iron combined roller. Modern corn peeling equipment is easy to operate and small in size, which is favored by many friends.

  Corn in the peeling at the same time combined with wind selection to separate the kernel and seed coat, thus greatly reducing the rate of fragmentation, more effective in improving the quality of peeling and yield, is mainly used to process corn, rice, sorghum and other grains, as well as rice and sorghum peeling into rice peeling process, especially corn after removing the hard husk and germ part of the improvement of the corn's edible taste effect.

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