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What are the differences between dry and wet grinding technology

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In the corn milling machine equipment for corn processing, there will be dry grinding and wet grinding method used to be able to well understand the characteristics of which, more able to produce good products.     

  1, a lot of equipment is the use of dry grinding method of corn milling machine equipment can control the particle size of corn flour to a few grains, so today's dry grinding method can achieve the particle size of the answer to the wet grinding.

  2, corn gluten meal can be processed into noodles, pasta and steamed bread and other food products as needed, corn gluten meal processing technology for corn deep processing has opened up new ways.

  3, the use of modern bioengineering technology of the new corn milling machine equipment, has passed the department identification, and a large number of into production.

  4, the new corn milling machine equipment enterprises, the use of corn modified processing technology developed corn high gluten meal, with excellent taste and processability.

  5, corn milling machine equipment through the fermentation of corn successfully produced by corn extra-strong powder, the resulting dry powder can be similar to a variety of wheat flour processing, the process is characterized by the use of micro-organisms and food control agents to modify the molecular structure of corn flour.

  6、To make it local denaturation, granule refinement, purified starch, molecular smaller, etc..

  7, Corn high gluten flour using special corn milling equipment in order to achieve the purpose of viscosity.

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