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Adoption of Friction Polishing Technology to Enhance Market Competition

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Corn processing machinery processing production has a polishing process, it is the use of friction technology to achieve, then why use friction polishing technology? This will bring what characteristics it              

  Today's major corn processing machinery manufacturers are in the continuous product line extension and product innovation to enhance its market competitiveness, while maintaining the freshness of consumers on the product. Over the years, we have made a breakthrough in corn grits polishing technology, the introduction of friction polishing technology, so that the friction polishing machine in the field of corn processing has been widely used, the friction polishing machine is an indispensable polishing equipment for corn processing plant. It integrates sieving, polishing, grading, as a whole, and is mainly used in grain processing plant for a variety of grain crops sieving process.

  The use of friction polishing technology can remove the bran powder, in the accompanying higher friction temperature so that the starch fines semi-pasteurization to form a smoother surface, and by the friction of the thermal effect produced by the size of the surface of the corn grits starch gelatinization, the formation of a layer of starch film wrapped around the grits, to achieve the purpose of gluten glazing.

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