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Stainless steel Korean hollow tube corn extruder machine


The machine is full stainless steel material, it can make puffed food for ice cream use.

You could inject ice cream inside to make it more Delicious.

It can produce the Corn Snack of Hollow Stick shape with corn, and you can put the SOFT ICE

CREAM into the inside of the Corn Stick Snack. Recently, this Soft Ice Cream filled Corn Snack is very popular.

One Extruding Machine can supply about 3 - 4 shops of Ice Cream, and the sales is very good, and profit

is so high as well. You can fill hollow corn stick with ice cream or butter or jam. 


 1. Extrusion based snack machine,

 2. Various shape of extrusion snack

 3. Corn Tube or Stick Hollow Jipang-Yi Snack

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